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Website redesign and support

Manchester based hair clinic Surgery Group and Hair Repair Clinic needed a designer to go into their existing websites and give them a bit of creative flair as well as tidy up on the back end.

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The brief

Hair Repair Clinic (HRC) and Surgery Group (SG) had two existing websites that had been left in quite a bad state from the previous designer, they wanted someone to redesign the site as well as improve the load speeds and search results. 

Because the sites were built on Wordpress, it made our lives considerably easier when it came time to update and support the site for the next several months.

The solution

Once we'd gotten our bearings on how the site worked and what was causing several issues, we set about amending the site.

Originally it was going to be a case of applying the re brand and then fixing any underlying issues.

What we quickly discovered was that the client was relatively happy with the overall style of the site and instead wanted us to focus on supporting and fixing the site.

This was a new challenge that 995 Designs embraced with open arms, we worked quickly and effectively, ensuring the site was down for as little time as possible and that the fixes wouldn't disrupt any traffic on the site at the time.

The biggest issues we managed to resolve included:

- Outdated and irrelevant plugins

- Cover image layouts

- Text alignment

- Updating old information 

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Surgery Group Homepage

The outcome

After several months of support and update emails, we were ready to say goodbye to HRC & SG.

This was something that took us out of our conventional boxes, as website and app designers, it's not always about how the product looks, but how it works as well, and the work we created for HRC & SG shows that.

We're constantly learning and bettering ourselves to generate better results to our clients.

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